Life for a Child

Life for a Child (LFAC) is an international not-for-profit organisation who believes no child should die of diabetes. They partner with diabetes centres in over 40 lower income countries to provide 22,000 young people with the best possible diabetic health care, education, workshops, camps, resources and support for health professionals.

  • Project

    Responsive website, digital campaign development

  • Client

    Life for a Child, Diabetes NSW

Open Project


Design a new online presence for a well-established charity.

Life for a Child needed a new online presence to launch their United States entity. LFAC first contracted an agency in the US to complete the site, but with no prior knowledge or connection to the organisation or its partners/donors, the website fulfilled the immediate purpose of an online presence for charitable 501(c)(3) registration in the US, but didn’t serve the purpose of their primary users.


Design for user personas, goals and tasks.

I was engaged in 2017 to redesign the website, working directly with the LFAC team to uncover who would be using the site and why they would be using it. We established three key sets of users and designed the website around their journeys:

1. Donors, who want to know who LFAC is, what they do, why and how they should donate

2. Health professionals who need support for their community; and

3. Users who need life-saving educational materials in their local language.


A functional, story-led website, true to their iconic brand.

We relaunched the LFAC website, keeping it true to their mission and respectful of their iconic and well-known branding. The website is story led through campaigns that demonstrate the real impact of their work and the progress in their mission that no child should die of diabetes. This has evoked a strong response from donors, corporate partners and fundraisers. The website also provides easy access to educational resources in over 20 languages and showcases the extensive research LFAC is undertaking in the area.

I continue to support LFAC with general maintenance of their complete digital presence, and most importantly the design of their quarterly campaigns. Most recently we redesigned the donation flow, swapping payment platforms to improve the user experience (a simple three step process) and securing lower transaction fees.

The redeveloped LFAC USA website has now become the primary website for the international program, superseding another website built by a European agency.


"Tobias was willing to help in every way."

Tobias was willing to help in every way, developing a professional and functional website which represents our charity’s story and brand very well.


His ability to develop creative solutions for our key campaigns and to improve the donation flow has led to very positive feedback and an increase in donations from our supporters.

Rachel Clayton
Head of Marketing, Life for a Child